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Korg M3 Keyboard (Used)


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Korg M3 Keyboard (Used)  Original Japan.  Bag also provided.  With 6 months quarantee.  Bag also provided.  For Professional Use.  For details pls contact 9744275255.  Korg M3-73 a..

Korg M3 Keyboard (Used)  

Original Japan.  
Bag also provided.  
With 6 months quarantee.  
Bag also provided.  
For Professional Use.  
For details pls contact 9744275255.  

Korg M3-73 at a Glance:

  • Internally Xpanded version available NOW!
  • Supercharged with 512 additional sounds
  • Four models available
  • Enhanced Definition Synthesis: A new horizon of sound-making potential
  • Effects
  • Expanded Combination Mode
  • Great sounds
  • Second Generation KARMA
  • Open Sampling
  • Korg Komponent System

Xpanded version available NOW!

The Korg M3 has been "Internally Xpanded," and Sweetwater has the free upgrades already installed! New sounds include electric pianos and classic keyboards, tape-emulating flutes and strings, and Brass & Woodwinds and Concert Grand expansion cards. DAW-style sequencing features include piano roll editing and a track view screen. KARMA v 2.2 M3 XPanded also adds an additional 149 new and realistic drum grooves. Throw in 700 effects presets and enhanced TouchView screen capabilities and the M3 Xpanded is a monster workstation!

Supercharged with 512 NEW Sounds!

Sweetwater has installed an M3 software and soundware upgrade that doubles the number of EDS Program slots from 512 to 1,024. Plus, these new slots are supercharged with 512 additional programs including:

More Pianos

  • Clear-cut piano sounds that are useful for solo playing and also stand out in a group context.
  • Variations that simulate playing with different finger touches.
  • Brighter sounds that are useful both for rock and jazz music.
  • Upright piano sounds reminiscent of famous British rock tunes.
  • Popular M1 piano and various stage piano sounds commonly used in the 80s.
  • Layered sounds with strings or synths.

More Electric Pianos and Clavinets

  • Vintage electric piano sounds with nuances simulating the varying condition of different instruments.
  • Popular vintage electric piano sounds with appropriate settings for auto-panning, chorus, delay, etc.
  • Classic reed-based piano sounds with typical tremolo settings.
  • Variations offering the sound of using a guitar amp's natural distortion.
  • Sounds with key-off noise emulations.

More Strings

  • Acoustic string sounds and vintage string keyboard sounds.

More Brass and Woodwinds

  • A wide variety of sounds that are immediately useful for ensemble parts.
  • Brass and woodwind sounds which combine multiple instruments, such as trumpet and trombone, flute, horns and strings, etc.

More Guitars

  • Realistic guitar sounds using a wide variety of amp types and sizes.
  • Inspiring and immediately useful sounds with classic distortion,
  • chorus and delay effects.

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